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23 Novembro 2015
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Associação Portuguesa de Leucemias e Linfomas
[Portuguese Leukaemia and Linphomas Association]

“+ for the patients”

The Portuguese Leukaemia and Lymphomas Association places health as number one and that is why the well-being of patients suffering from malignant blood disorders and their families are our priority.

It is thanks to the robustness of our project which has been growing stronger since 2001, to our dynamic group and to the success of the activities we promote, that the Portuguese Leukaemia and Lymphomas Association (APLL) has been able to provide unconditional support to patients and their families, giving new meaning to the word “hope”, engaging in unequal battles without giving-up.

It is the principle of mutual help and the belief that personal effort can make all the difference, that stand at the forefront of all actions involving patients, survivors and volunteers. These actions are: — materialized in publicity campaigns and in the publication of articles on malignant blood disorders where the objective is to send out alert signals leading to earlier diagnosis; — revitalized by the numerous events promoted by the Association throughout the year, such as “Cycling against Lymphoma” which transports the unequivocal message that helping hands must come from all over and that “many” will never be “too much”; — highlighted by the emotional support given to new patients by professionals, volunteers and survivors, based on a therapy of informing and comforting, and also by the financial support given to patients in need.

Persistence and hope are two of the principles which characterize our multifaceted actions pursuing the grand objectives of:
– giving support to patients and their families;
– promoting events (whilst accomplishing the double objective of informing and raising awareness);

Moved by “Strength through Unity”, it is in the conquering of new members and benefactors from the general public that lays our hope of raising the necessary funds to be able to carry out the projects we have scheduled for 2015.

As would be expected from any association of humanitarian nature, APLL pursues its constant objective of attracting an increasing number of patients and making then members of our association.It is within the present committee’s motto, “more for the patients”, that lies hidden the spirit which mobilizes all those who believe that they can make the difference.

Contacts: Tel 22 548 8000/Mobile 914 349 313 /918 281 889 / www.facebook.com/apllassociacao

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